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Official Rules


Remove the cards and the bell from the tube. Place the bell on a hard surface, centering it between the players.

Place the cards in a draw pile leaving space next to it for a discard pile.

On your turn, try to spell the words given to you by the reader. Each card has 3 words. You must spell the words in order, beginning with the level one word.

After spelling any word correctly, you may lock in your points and end your turn by saying ‘STAY’. Otherwise, say ‘NEXT’ to continue spelling, risking any points earned so far. Failure to correctly spell a word will result in the loss of any points earned on your turn.

A level one word is worth 1 point, a level two word is worth 2 points, and a level three word is worth 3 points.

Your turn is over when you:

1. Misspell a word
2. Lock in your points by saying ‘stay’
3. Correctly spell all 3 words on your card

Assign a new reader and a new speller by advancing clockwise around the room after every turn.


You cannot lose points from previous turns, they are locked in.

When a player misspells a word the reader must ring the bell, say ‘incorrect’, and give the correct spelling.

When a player spells a word correctly the reader says ‘correct’. The reader should allow the speller to finish their attempt before awarding or denying points.

On your turn, you may ask the reader for a definition or a part of speech.

The reader should NEVER try to sound out words.

If they don’t know how to pronounce the word they should consult another player or Google the pronunciation.


To win, you must reach 25 points ending with the correct spelling of a level 3 word.

In other words, after reaching 22 or more points, only attempt level 3 words on your turn.